Allanah in action (Rare pics from Shemale Yum)

Allanah is a cutie who hates loosing time. Even if she has free time which she can spend on watching TV, Allanah prefers posing on camera and caressing her naked body. Luckily she always looks like a goddess and she can undress on camera without ceremony. You can enjoy her melons, butt as well as her dick and balls at this site

Allanah-Rare-Pics-01   Allanah-Rare-Pics-02

Allanah-Rare-Pics-03 Allanah-Rare-Pics-04

Allanah-Rare-Pics-05 Allanah-Rare-Pics-06



Allanah tries on red dress


Some girls are afraid of red clothes because they think that the red color looks too provoking but Allanah is not afraid of becoming a center of attention. On the contrary, the naughty shemale cutie loves when everybody looks at her and you can see how much she loves it with your own eyes at this site.


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Night of passion with Allanah Starr

allanah-11 allanah-01 allanah-04

Kinky Allanah is never bored as the naughty TS knows how to entertain herself. The easiest way of having fun for hot Allanah is to get undressed and to play with her curvy body. Luckily she is frisky enough to turn a usual striptease action into a night full of passion and sex pleasures with a little help of this site. Allanah does not stop playing with her huge melons and with her erected dong until she reaches several orgasms.

allanah-09 allanah-05 allanah-02

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Allanah Starr kisses a cutie

allanah-starr-vicki-richter-2 allanah-starr-vicki-richter-3


Sweet Vicki Richter changes dramatically once she notices Allanah Starr. The babe turns into a nasty bitch who craves for kissing plump lips of Allanah. Luckily, Allanah is always ready to fulfill her desire and to caress her hot mouth with her lips and long tongue. That day, once hotties saw each other, their eyes filled with passion and care and they simply could not hold back from kissing each other. Oh they are so gentle, sweet, passionate and playful at once.

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Blonde Allanah Starr with a friend


Both, Allanah Starr and Kimber James, are gorgeous blonde chicks. It is amazing but sometimes these hotties even do not need words to understand each other, all they need to do is to look at eyes of each other and they know what each of them thinks about. They also love going out and spending time at bars or cinemas or even at shops. That night, Allanah Starr and Kimber James put on their best outfits and went to a local club where they hoped to pick up a couple of dudes to spice that night with wild actions.

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Allanah drawn from my fans


Allanah Starr is gorgeous in any outfit and in any image and she proves that by showing off a beautiful drawn picture of her seductive body covered with sexy lingerie. It turns out that drawn Allanah Starr is no less cute than a real one. Just look at her big boobs, plump lips, beautiful green eyes and long legs and admit that it is impossible not to admire her. Of course, one picture of even such a nasty and stunning chick like Allanah Starr is not enough to enjoy a full length fantasy but at this site one can enjoy many other sexy pictures and even actions with real Allanah in leading role.

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Delicious Allanah at restaurant


At first sight it seems that a visit to a restaurant is a usual thing that one should not mention but nothing is that simple as it seems. When Allanah Starr and Dina go to a restaurant together, they often forget about meals or drinks and focus on posing on camera and even playing with hot bodies of each other. Of course, dudes who notice these two beautiful babes cannot take eyes off them. That night was not an exception, Allanah and Dina put on their sexiest and tightest dresses in order to show off their big boobs and to turn on every dude. COME ON!

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Under mini skirt of Allanah Starr


Because her body is curvy, Allanah Starr wears only tight outfits in order to show off her physical beauty. But that is not the whole truth about the playful nature of this yummy babe. It turns out that she does not put on panties when she goes out. That night, Allanah decided to put on a mini dress, in order to grant lustful upskirt action to all her fans. Besides a chance to look under her skirt, Allanah makes another gift to curious dudes. She is busty and shows off her boobs as well.

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Busty and glamour Allanah and Vaniity


Allanah and Vaniity are both frequent visitors of all glamour events where they have fun with the guests and each other. They know how to have fun and to turn even a usual day into a holiday flowing with passion, sex attraction and all kinds of pleasures. Of course, they do it with a special purpose and that is to spread their love for life in all details.

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Yummy Allanah introduces her frisky friend TS Foxxy

 TS-Foxxy-Allanah ts-Foxxy-Allanah-1

Allanah believes that only inner character and frisky nature matter when it comes to fooling around and teasing lads. The hot rogue thinks that even though her friend TS Foxxy from this site wears brackets they do not spoil her sexuality or sexual seductiveness and in order to prove that to the world, as well as to Foxxy, she takes her to all parties to amaze guys with their beauty.

 Allanh and TS Foxxy

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Sex frenzy with Alannah Starr

allanah     allanah

  allanah     allanah   

Hot smoking Alannah is so crazy about wild sex actions and pleasures that she can’t live a day without a good fuck. Naughty chick knows how to satisfy her dirty nature and her filthy fantasies but she loves doing that together with her obedient slave and her best friends. Alannah flashes her huge boobs and shows off her curvy body covered with tight latex outfit and plays with her kneeled lad on camera in order to share all those adventures at this site.

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Allanah Starr plays with her new slave

alanah_01      allanah_02

Sex-frenzied Allanah Starr craves for two things in life, for tight latex outfits and obedient slaves. That day she found a new obedient slave to please her dominant nature. Nasty Allanah collared the silly dude, made him go down on all fours to spank his round butt and to face fuck him with all her passion for deep blowjobs on camera right at this site. Excited Allanah Starr kept on playing with her new human toy until she was totally exhausted.

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Kimber James and Allanah get dirty and wild


Kimber James and Allanah are good friends and they are ready to party and play with each other and their girlfriends and boyfriends from dusk to dawn. They put tiny outfits on and make-up and go to a club to dance and to enjoy some wild sex adventures on camera. Luckily, this site gives a fascinating chance to share those experiences with them. Of course, they do much more than just dancing and chatting but they keep that in reserve.

Allanah Starr and Gia Darling

gia-darling-allanah-starr allanah-and-gia-darling

It’s absolutely no wonder why Allanah Starr and Gia Darling are always end up being in the center of everyone’s attention every time they go out somewhere – the humongous racks of these gorgeous shemale hotties never fail to make men swarm around them like bees smelling honey! Say, would you be able to keep yourself in when offered to get it on with horny transsexual mistress Allanah and her dreamboat apprentice Gia? My word, that would have been a very difficult thing to do – if not impossible!

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Sexy Allanah Starr introduces her best friends

allanah_starr_shemale  allanah_star  allanah-starr

I have to admit I think that I have a great body and I love to show it off putting all those seductive and tiny outfits. I believe my big tits look best when covered with sexy bikini or a dress, do you agree? Besides simply posing on camera, I love spending time with my friends, and I want to introduce them to you – gorgeous Gia Darling, handsome Buck  Angel and one and only Pamela. Every time those hotties and your favorite Allanah Starr get together, we have so much fun, it would be a real crime to hide those frisky games we play away from you.

allanah_starr_gia_darling  allanah_starr_buck_angel  allanah_starr_with_pam

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All naked truth about Allanah Starr

When they ask me, why you, Allanah Starr, do not like to give interviews at studio, I answer that I find no fun in talking when all those lights are focused on you. I prefer an intimate atmosphere, when I can whisper with my most devoted fans and open all my secrets to them.

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Allanah, Kimber James and Gia Darling


T-girls are out to party in the downtown – and they invite you to accompany them in their posh limo! This time inimitable Allanah Starr and Gia Darling have taken Kimber James – an adorable fresh transsexual ravenhead along with them and, hell yeah, they are going to show this innocent kitty what real crazy fun is all about! I’m already dying to know what they are going to do in the club… Men, be aware – the most seductive babes in the history of shemale porn are coming to please you!

Incredible passion of fuck with shemale!

big dick bitch

Quite young big dick bitch Madison shemale girl stays alone for long time and it happens pretty often. Her black dicked boyfriend is a sailor; he goes out to the sea for months and his plump big dick shemale girlfriend Madison misses his hard butted tight asshole very much. I guess her sailor shemale dick sucker boyfriend feels same way! But in some point it worse to miss each other for so long time! Just imagine what a hot and long lasting fuck they are going to have when Madison’s fucker comes back. Their greeting hug leads them all the way to long-awaited passionate fuck. Shemale chick Madison finally will get her big dick deeply sucked by her fucker boyfriend and unload her huge and nasty sperm in his mouth and spray it all over his face! She will enjoy pumping up sailor’s tight asshole and squirt in real natural passion. The couple will do everything that they have dreamed about for long time on far distance from each other. You just watch them satisfying their wild and messy wet action!

Bailey Jay Best Transsexual Performer of the Year

hottie-bailey-jay-avn   Best-Transsexual-Performer-of-the-year

It’s easy enough to see why shemale Bailey Jay was awarded Best Transsexual Performer of the year. She’s real pretty and after browsing through her official site, I could see that she really deserves the award. Yes, sex appeal and beauty is a given in the adult world. I, Allanah Starr, know that for a fact. But then, Bailey here transforms herself in every photo. She can play naughty and slutty, sweet and innocent without even batting her pretty eyelash. If you don’t believe me, then browse through my favorite tgirl’s official site and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

Sexy Allanah chills out


Sexy Allanah Starr believes that stress only ruins her beautiful face and body and that is why she uses every chance to relax. Luckily, she has a friend, Sexy Jade, who is crazy about going out to enjoy chatting, shopping, dancing and just watching people going by. That night, they decided to go to a popular club which presented all kinds of features for relaxing after hard work days. Allanah and Sexy Jade sat down on a cozy couch and made several pictures

Allanah and a cookie – my new episode!

tn-allanah-starr-a-cookie-01   tn-allanah-starr-a-cookie-02   tn-allanah-starr-a-cookie-03

They say that cookies are bad for a body but Allanah proves it is just a stereotype. She shows a way of enjoying a cookie without any consequences. She simply caresses her body with a cookie, pays the main attention to her melons and crashes it with her erected dong. Oh yes, the hottie is strong and all her intimate parts are strong too and

You can check this right here!

tn-allanah-starr-a-cookie-04   tn-allanah-starr-a-cookie-05   tn-allanah-starr-a-cookie-06

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Allanah enjoys fresh air

Gorgeous-Allanah-1 Gorgeous-Allanah-4 Gorgeous-Allanah-7

Gorgeous Allanah knows that in order to stay beautiful for long years she needs to enjoy fresh air every day. Of course, going for a walk in a park would be too boring thing to do for such a stunning chick like Allanah and that is why she puts on a tiny swimming suit and acquires tan on a balcony. Luckily a dude with a camera is always near her so

we can enjoy her tiny suit and body at the site.
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Allanah shows off her big butt


Stunning Allanah Starr is blessed with a big round butt but, unlike other cuties, she does not hide her gorgeous bottom. On the contrary this hottie shows it off every time she has that chance. That night, she was enjoying a walk when she noticed a funny sign. Once Allanah noticed that it said something about big butts, she decided to show her big butt and to make pictures of it. Somehow the nasty slut managed to fill such usual photos with passion and hunger for playing with her big butt.

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Allanah performs a striptease

tn-allanah-starr-official-02 tn-allanah-starr-official-08 tn-allanah-starr-official-09

Naughty Allanah uses every chance she can to show the beauty of her naked body. Luckily the nasty shemale always wears only tiny outfits which she take off very fast. Kinky hottie plays with her perfectly shaped boobs, then lowers her playful fingers and finally shows her cock which she usually hides between her long legs. Do you want to know the details about that accidental but still very passionate and exciting striptease?

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